Other Flower Designs



Bouquet Designs

These are further options for Flower Designs you might want to ask us about:

- Colourful & vibrant

- Pretty

- Elegant & stylish classic

- Modern

- Architectural

- All one type of flower

- All one  colour design

- Seasonal

    - Exotic
    - Romantic
    - Spring
    - Garden

Average size $50 to $60 and upwards



Flower Care

As a special service, we offer to pack our flowers in "oasis". This ensures that the stems are continuously in moisture, so that they stay in excellent condition and will last much longer.

Here are a few suggestions to help you obtain maximum pleasure from your flowers:

- Re-cut all stems on an angle.

- Place in deep water immediately and top up vase  daily.   Use floral preservative provided.

- Do not place flowers on TV - they do not like heat - and keep out of draughts and direct sunlight.

- If your flowers arrive already arranged it is important to add water daily to the container.


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